The most efficient liquid staking derivative exchange in DeFi


ShadeSwap is a decentralized exchange built on the Secret Network blockchain. Unlike centralized exchanges, which are operated by a single entity, decentralized exchanges operate through a distributed network, allowing users to trade cryptocurrencies without the need for a middleman.

ShadeSwap uses private smart contracts, which is a novel advancement in blockchain technology & Web 3.0. These smart contracts offer users greater control, security, and privacy over their funds, as it allows them to trade directly from their own wallets.

How to Trade on ShadeSwap

Trading on ShadeSwap is simple to do, follow the below guide to get started.

  1. To get started, visit ShadeSwap:

  2. The trading screen will be featured directly on the "Swap" tab.

  3. Select the drop-down arrows to view the list of supported tokens.

  4. Now, search for any Token by simply typing in the token name or by scrolling down the list of available tokens.

  5. Once you have selected your tokens, you can then enter the amount you would like to trade. Populating the amount will then provide you with the simulated trading information.

    1. Note: Since Shade Protocol is built on Secret Network, this enables modular privacy for the end user. This means that you may need to click "View Balance" and sign a wallet transaction in order to see your token balance.

  6. Execute your trade by pressing the “Swap” button. This will prompt a standard wallet transaction.

  7. For more advanced traders, click the Gear icon on the top right for more trade settings.

Trading Tool Tips

  • Minimum Received: Refers to the minimum predicted output from the swap. This takes into account the potential slippage your swap may encounter.

  • Slippage: Is defined by how much the market price shifts from the time the user inputs their trade to the time the smart contract executes the transaction on the blockchain.

  • Slippage Tolerance: Refers to the maximum amount of slippage you will tolerate in a given swap transaction. If the swap has an actual slippage greater than the slippage tolerance, the transaction will fail.

  • Price Impact: Is the cost the trader is intentionally charged for changing the ratio of the pool directly caused from their trade. This is most noticeable when there is a large trade size compared to the size of the liquidity pool.

  • Trade Fee: Refers to the fee the user incurs that is paid to liquidity providers in the respective liquidity pool.

  • Route: Is the sequence of assets the inputted token will convert to in order to get to the desired outputted token. ShadeSwap always optimizes the route for the more efficient swaps.


  • Standard swap fee: 0.30%

  • Stable swap fee: 0.01%

  • Liquid Staking Derivative swap fee: 0.05%

Swaps take a fee out of the outputted token, as this asset is likely in higher demand.

Fee distribution:

  • ShadeDAO: 1/30th (~3.33%)

  • Liquidity Provider: 29/30th (~96.67%)

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