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What is SILK?

The short answer: Silk is our stablecoin powered by Shade Protocol.

Token Symbol: SILK

The long answer: SILK is a privacy-preserving collateralized reflexive currency pegged to a basket of global currencies and commodities. With six second transactions, SILK is fast and agile. SILK is a futuristic stablecoin that acts as an interoperability hub between global currencies - acting as a perpetual hedge against macro volatility and inflation.

Stablecoins to date suffer from four key problems:

  • Stability

  • Foreign Exchange Risk (FX Risk)

  • Privacy

  • Interoperability

SILK uniquely solves each of these components, positioning itself to be a truly futuristic Web3 currency.

Everything you need to know about Silk in 3 minutes below:

Where can I find Silk’s whitepaper:


Silk's Peg

Silk’s peg is composed of this weighted index of global value. USD, CAD, Euro, JPY, Gold, and BTC. Read more about it here.

Is Silk governed? What is Silk’s governance

The SILK peg is governed by Shade Protocol general governance, as well as the SILK Assembly - a research team and elected multisig that is capable of triggering SILK peg migrations as well as SILK composition changes.

How much circulating supply of SILK is available

The amount of Silk supply fluctuates based on market demand. This number can be found on our Silk page of our app under “Silk Supply”.

The amount of SILK that is circulating in the market and are tradeable by the public. It is comparable to looking at shares readily available in the market (not held & locked by insiders, governments).

How to buy $SILK

Learn how to buy $SILK on the Shade App here.

Social Channels for Silk:

X (formerly Twitter)


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