4️⃣Step 4: Swap Assets

Our swap feature is what we call ShadeSwap. This feature allows you to swap different tokens.

Anytime that you move a new token onto ShadeSwap or acquire a new token via trade, you will need to generate a viewing key because all your balances and transactions are encrypted, a viewing key allows you to see them. Don’t share your viewing key with anyone who you don’t want to see all that information.

How to swap tokens

  1. Go to the Swap page on our app.

  2. The trading screen will be featured directly on the "Swap" tab.

  3. In the “From” dropdown select the supported token you want to use to swap.

  4. In the “To” dropdown select the supported token you want to acquire through the swap.

  5. Select the amounts to swap

  6. Click “Swap” and approve the transaction

  7. You can go confirm your transaction took place by looking at your Portfolio or following the transaction hash form the "swap success" pop up.

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