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🌑What is SHD

SHD ("Shade") is the governance, utility, and treasury token of Shade Protocol - accruing value for the following reasons:

  • Transactable

  • Store of value

  • Scarce

  • Composable (usable by smart contracts)

  • IBC interoperability

  • Governance power

  • Claim on protocol revenue (staking)

    • Silk Pay fees

    • Protocol owned arbitrage

    • Shade Lend interest fees

    • Shade Lend liquidation fees

    • ShadeSwap trading fees

    • stkd-SCRT minting fee

    • stkd-SCRT withdrawal fee

    • Staked SCRT rewards

    • Protocol LP

    • Shade Bond revenue

    • Redemption pool fees

  • Control over Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL)

You can buy SHD on many cosmos chains or through Secret Network, but the Shade App is the best place offering low gas fees. At this time the only CEX you can purchase SHD on is BitMart.

Token Type: SNIP25

Token Symbol: SHD

Contract Address: secret153wu605vvp934xhd4k9dtd640zsep5jkesstdm

If you're new to our app, check out our #ShadeGuide playlist for additional tutorials to help you get familiar with the Shade app and become a pro user. We have videos that will walk you through all the features step-by-step.

Information provided in this post is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute formal investment advice. Please read the full disclaimer at before relying on any information herein.

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