SILK's Peg

Silk’s peg is composed of this weighted index of global value. USD, CAD, Euro, JPY, Gold, and BTC.

It’s designed to preserve purchasing power better than any single currency and in 38 years of back testing, it beats the USD and Euro.

To view the current Silk Peg value:

  1. Navigate to our Silk page (

  2. Silk Peg value is listed on the top left of the page or you can scroll to the Basket Composition chart to view the value.

Basket composition criteria:

The basket is based on available data feeds via Band Protocol datasets.

Band Standard Dataset - Versatile feed secured by Band oraclesBand Standard Dataset - Versatile feed secured by Band oracles

Basket composition criteria is based on GDP, degree of monetary policy health, and the efficiency of the underlying economy, as well as growth potential. Bitcoin and gold are included as inflationary hedges.

Learn more about Silk here.

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