Common questions about stkd-SCRT.

"What's the difference between unbonding stkd-SCRT instead of selling it on a DEX?"

When you unbond stkd-SCRT, a small withdrawal fee of (0.05%) is incurred. After 21 days, you will be able to claim SCRT + all of the accumulated staking rewards. The downsides to this method are the following:

  • Unbonding fee

  • 21 days of unbonding

The alternative is to sell your stkd-SCRT on a decentralized exchange. The prices of stkd-SCRT on a decentralized exchange reflects the value of the underlying SCRT + accumulated staking rewards. Thus, you can sell and instantly realize the upside of the passively accruing staking rewards without needing to wait 21 days to unbond. The downside to this method are the following:

  • Trading Fee

  • Slippage

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