1️⃣Step 1: Connect Your Wallet

How to connect a wallet

At the bottom left hand corner of the Shade app is the Connect Wallet option. Click this and select your Web3 wallet of choice. Your wallet will pop up and may ask you to connect to it if you are not already.

Steps to connet a wallet:

1️⃣ Click "Connect Wallet" 2️⃣ Select your Web3 Wallet

Choosing a Web3 wallet

Choosing a Web3 wallet can be confusing. Within the Cosmos ecosystem Keplr is one of the easier choices. The other popular choices are Metamask, OKX, Starshell, Leap, and Fina.

Need assistance on choosing the best wallet? Click here. Wondering how to get your money onto the Shade app? Click here. Do you have money on a CEX and want to move it to our app? Click here.

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