🔁Wrap Feature

The wrap feature on Shade Protocol allows you to convert regular cryptocurrencies into their privacy-preserving counterparts. For instance, you can take SCRT, the gas token for Secret Network, which is public by default, and wrap it into its private version called sSCRT or BTC can be wrapped as wBTC. The wrap feature serves as a gateway to seamlessly transition between public and private asset forms, ensuring compatibility with ShadeSwap's privacy-preserving ecosystem.

On the wrap page, you can take any of the listed tokens and turn it into a private version of itself. Conversely, if you need to convert your private tokens back into their public forms, the unwrap function is available on this page.

Note that all the pools, and all the swaps on ShadeSwap are with the private versions of these tokens since this DEX is privacy focused. All bridged assets will automatically be wrapped when bridging them to the Shade App, so you will most likely not need to use this feature.

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