Value accrual mechanisms for SHD tokenholders.
SHD ("Shade")
SHD ("Shade") is the governance, utility, and treasury token of Shade Protocol - accruing value for the following reasons:
  • Transactable
  • Store of value
  • Scarce
  • Composable (usable by smart contracts)
  • IBC interoperability
  • Governance power
  • Claim on protocol revenue (staking)
    • Silk Pay fees
    • Protocol owned arbitrage
    • Shade Lend interest fees
    • Shade Lend liquidation fees
    • ShadeSwap trading fees
    • stkd-SCRT minting fee
    • stkd-SCRT withdrawal fee
    • Staked SCRT rewards
    • Protocol LP
    • Shade Bond revenue
    • Redemption pool fees
  • Control over Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL)

Shade Token

Token Type: SNIP25
Token Symbol: SHD
Contract Address: secret153wu605vvp934xhd4k9dtd640zsep5jkesstdm
SHD SNIP24 contract (deprecated): secret1qfql357amn448duf5gvp9gr48sxx9tsnhupu3d
Last modified 9mo ago