➡️Send Feature

The send feature on the Shade App allows users to transfer tokens from one wallet to another. It's a fundamental functionality that enables the transfer of digital assets across different wallet addresses or to other users.

The clean user interface of the Shade App simplifies this process by providing a straightforward way to input the necessary information (destination address, amount, token selection) and initiate the send transaction with minimal friction.

Sending tokens between wallets is a crucial functionality that enables the transfer of value within blockchain networks. The user-friendly interface you described makes it easier for users to securely manage their digital assets and send funds to other wallets or individuals.

How the send feature works:

1. Web3 Wallet: You start by accessing your Web3 wallet, which holds the tokens you want to send.

2. Destination Address: You need to specify the recipient's wallet address. This is typically a long alphanumeric string that uniquely identifies the destination wallet. You can either copy the address from the recipient's wallet or have them provide it to you.

3. Token Selection: In a wallet that supports multiple cryptocurrencies, you'll need to select the specific token you want to send. For example, SHD, SILK, or SCRT, are all different tokens but can be sent to another wallet.

4. Amount: You'll need to enter the amount of tokens you want to send. Wallets usually display the current balance for each token, allowing you to specify the amount conveniently.

5. Gas or Transaction Fee: Most wallets will display the gas or transaction fee associated with the transfer. This fee is paid to the network's miners or validators for processing and confirming the transaction.

6. Confirmation: Before executing the transaction, the wallet will typically display a summary of the details, including the destination address, the amount of tokens, and the transaction fee. You'll need to review and confirm these details before proceeding.

7. Send: After confirmation, the wallet will broadcast the transaction to the blockchain network. Depending on the network's congestion and the transaction fee you've set, the transaction will be picked up by miners or validators and eventually confirmed and added to the blockchain.

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