List of Shade Protocol apps.
Shade Protocol is an array of connected privacy-preserving DeFi applications built on Secret Network. To date, most DeFi ecosystem have a unique token per DeFi primitive built on transparent blockchains. This following problems emerge as a result:
  • Fractured value capture
  • Fractured liquidity
  • Conflicting integration incentives
  • Confusing end-user experiences
  • Lack of privacy
Shade Protocol solves these problems by building a cohesive set of unified apps built on Secret Network that follow a simple principle:
No new token per application.
As a result of the above design decision, the following are empowered by Shade Protocol:
  • Unified value capture
  • Unified liquidity
  • Cohesively aligned integration incentives
  • Simplified end user experience
  • Privacy
Every app launched on Shade Protocol drives 100% of revenue back to the ShadeDAO because there is only one unified token across apps. This decision unifies value capture. Because Shade Protocol apps are cohesively integrated, every product can share and build out liquidity in tandem. This unifies liquidity. Because all of the apps share the same token, ShadeSwap can intimately integrate with ShadeLend and Shade Bonds. This cohesively aligns integration incentives. Shade Protocol is built on Secret Network - powering private smart contracts that protect users' onchain interactions and date. This empowers privacy. Finally, because all of the apps work together and are not competing for users, all of the apps can live on the same website in a cohesive user experience. This simplifies the end user experience.
Imagine a unified user experience — all of the DeFi tools you have come to know and love all living in the same simple UI/UX mobile and web experience. All with privacy by default. All accruing value toward the community.
Welcome to Shade Protocol :)
Last modified 7mo ago