How to Delete and Refresh a Viewing Key

How to Delete a Viewing Key

  1. To delete or refresh a Viewing Key go into your Keplr wallet.

  2. Click the top left icon (hamburger menu)

  3. Select “Add Token”

  4. In the dropdown menu select “Secret Network”

  5. Locate the Secret Network token you want to delete or refresh

  6. Click the trash icon and delete the viewing key for whichever token you need to remove or refresh.

  7. The pop up will ask, “Are you sure you’d like to disable this token? You will not be able to see your balance or transfer until you add it again”. Select “Yes”.

  8. You can return to the portfolio page and click "View Balance" next to the token you deleted.

How to Refresh a Viewing Key

If you need to refresh your key you will repeat the same steps as “Creating a Viewing Key”.

  1. In the Shade app, Navigate to your portfolio

  2. Find the token you would like to see a balance for

  3. Select “View Balance”

  4. Your Keplr wallet extension will pop up with auto-populated information such as Contract Address, Name, Symbol and Decimal

  5. Click “Confirm”

  6. Approve the transaction

Congratulations, you have successfully created a viewing key. This blog also explains what is a Viewing Key and how they interact with Shade Protocol.

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